This month, Canexia Health launched an enhanced precision oncology portfolio with updates to our tissue and plasma assays, Find It® and Follow It®, for cancer treatment selection and recurrence monitoring in solid tumors. These enhancements expand clinical actionability and performance metrics to support treatment decisions, including immunotherapy response. 


Find It, for FFPE solid tumor tissue, and Follow It, for plasma circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) samples, both now evaluate somatic mutations in 337 hotspots and 26 exons in 38 cancer associated genes simultaneously. The updated assays also provide data on microsatellite instability (MSI) and copy number variation (CNV) for 9 genes, which are essential for supporting prediction of immunotherapy response and informing potential therapy resistance, respectively. In addition, both assays are now validated on Illumina NextSeq 500. This platform expansion offers greater flexibility as well as higher testing throughput.


Our bioinformatics team leveraged our massive training set to further improve assay sensitivity. Utilizing data from tens of thousands of tumor samples, our cloud-based platform delivers predictive models specific calling variants in solid tumors. 


While optimizing assay algorithms, we have also made improvements to our analysis and reporting capabilities. The improved performance metrics enable us to better detect low prevalence mutations and to reduce hands-on and pipeline run-time with optimized workflows. This will further enable local delivery of turnkey solutions to improve cancer research and care.

These enhancements are critical as more than 80
FDA-approved targeted treatments are available today with many more on the near horizon — yet access to highly sensitive, comprehensive biomarker testing that is required to determine eligibility for these new treatments remains a challenge for community oncology practices. 

Canexia’s product enhancements were made possible, in part, through a strategic investment from Canada’s Digital Supercluster via Project ACTT. Project ACTT, launched as a response to COVID-19 tissue biopsy delays and led by Canexia, continues to deliver Follow It testing at no-cost to Canadian cancer patients with advanced or metastatic lung cancer.

With these enhancements, Canexia continues to deliver on its strategic roadmap to increase access to cancer genomic testing in community settings. 


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