Liquid biopsy is a powerful tool for matching cancer patients with targeted therapies and for cancer recurrence monitoring. Currently, most liquid biopsy testing is conducted by sending patient samples to a third party. Test send-out can be more costly and less efficient compared to conducting liquid biopsy in-house within a hospital, health system, or cancer center laboratory.

In a new white paper, we share considerations for labs interested in bringing liquid biopsy testing in-house, including how liquid biopsy compares to tissue biopsy, appropriate use cases for liquid biopsy, and factors including sample collection, staffing, and clinical reporting.

The paper draws from first-hand experience in the CLIA, CAP, and DAP-accredited lab at Canexia Health, and is based on a webinar hosted by The Pathologist in September 2021 by Dr. Melissa McConechy, Senior Manager of Assay Development at Canexia.

While liquid biopsy testing is not new technology, mass adoption within hospital and health system clinical molecular labs is progressing incrementally. In the meantime, there is a significant gap in access for patients where there is a need to identify molecular biomarkers to help with therapeutic decision-making. 

Closing this gap is critical for optimal patient care and outcomes, and bringing testing in-house is one way to address this challenge. 


Download the white paper here.


To watch the webinar on the same topic, visit here.


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