Ensuring all cancer patients have access to next-generation cancer treatment selection and recurrence monitoring requires a fundamental shift in how and where care is delivered. We need to move resources and capabilities to where the majority of patients receive care—within their own communities—by bringing the technology to deliver innovative testing right into their institution at the point of care. 


An eBook published by Inside Precision Medicine provides an in-depth look at how to deliver precision oncology close to home, where patients live, without needing to refer to third parties or academic hospitals in major urban centers. 


Featured in the publication:


  • Interviews with directors at USA Health in Alabama, Sutter Health in California, and Protean BioDiagnostics in Florida about their efforts to bring care to community settings;
  • A how-to guide for labs wanting to bring liquid biopsy testing in-house;
  • A primer on assessing the real world accuracy of ctDNA diagnostics by Dr. Samuel Aparicio; and,  
  • Expert insights from Dr. David Huntsman, whose vision for equitable testing access continues to propel Canexia Health.


Download the eBook here.


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May 15, 2023

Poster sessions at AACR: a recap

We were grateful for the opportunity to attend and present at the AACR Annual Meeting last week, where three of our scientists highlighted some of the exciting work happening in our Vancouver lab.