Technology specific pipelines, powered by tens of thousands of samples

Our team of bioinformaticians, computational scientists, and machine learning software developers have validated and deployed superior and automated tools in CHIP that deliver highly sensitive and specific results in a customizable clinical reporting format.

Utilizing data from tens of thousands of tumor samples, our platform delivers predictive models specific for SNV, CNVs, gene fusions, indels, and MSI status calling in solid tumors.

By delivering these models in our cloud-based platform our partners are able to maximize the predictive value of our data sets to improve clinical decisions.

Molecular Oncology Paired with Computational Quality Assurance

In addition to machine learning computational pipelines, all Imagia Canexia Health products come with our patented molecular and computational quality assurance platform, Quality Nexus™, which enables robust mutation detection across the full range of clinical diagnostic samples collected in routine pathology workflows.

Quality Nexus utilizes thermodynamically balanced sets of proprietary “barcodes” to enable best-in-class detection of low-frequency mutations. In addition, our machine learning approach for single nucleotide variant (SNV) calling allows for the inference of  molecular diversity indices which helps to distinguish artifacts from true mutations.

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Our Solutions

Plasma Follow It®

Imagia Canexia Health’s Follow It panel detects mutations in plasma. Plasma profiling (a type of liquid biopsy) can be used to help tailor treatment, monitor cancer progression, or detect treatment resistance.

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Imagia Canexia Health’s Find It & Fusions panels detect mutations and gene fusion events in solid tumor tissue. Tissue profiling can be used to help inform treatment decisions or predict progression of cancer based on somatic mutations found in the tumor.

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Imagia Canexia Health Insights Platform

Each comprehensive report includes detailed results as well as therapeutic recommendations and expertly curated clinical trials. Our insights can help you make more informed treatment decisions.

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