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    ACTT, or Access to Cancer Testing and Treatment in Response to COVID-19 is a joint effort led by Imagia Canexia Health and supported by Digital Supercluster and partner institutions.

    To date, over 2,000 patients have been enrolled through this program. On Tuesday, November 22nd we will be hosting an informative update to the oncology community to report back the relevant data and insights from this landmark Canadian project.

    Over 400 oncologists and more than 100 institutions participated across Canada with the goal of bringing precision testing, treatment and care to more Canadian cancer patients.

    Speaker Icon    The Speakers

    Dr. Rosalyn Juergens
    Medical Oncologist, Juravinski Institute


    Dr. Melissa McConechy
    Senior Manager, Assay Development Imagia Canexia Health

      Provide Details to Gain Access