Access to Cancer Testing and Treatment

In Canada, the Access to Cancer Testing and Treatment program provides high quality cancer genomic testing to patients with metastatic or recurrent lung or breast cancer. Initially launched in 2019, Imagia Canexia Health has expanded geographic access to this testing program. Project ACTT continues to test patients with metastatic lung cancer in Canada and metastatic breast and lung cancers in Quebec at no cost.

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How Testing Works

1. Talk to Your Doctor

2. Sample Taken

3. Analysis

4. Results

5. Treatment

Our Solutions

Plasma Follow It®

Imagia Canexia Health’s Follow It panel detects mutations in plasma. Plasma profiling (a type of liquid biopsy) can be used to help tailor treatment, monitor cancer progression, or detect treatment resistance.

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Imagia Canexia Health’s Find It & Fusions panels detect mutations and gene fusion events in solid tumor tissue. Tissue profiling can be used to help inform treatment decisions or predict progression of cancer based on somatic mutations found in the tumor.

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Canexia Informatics Platform

Each comprehensive report includes detailed results as well as therapeutic recommendations and expertly curated clinical trials. Trust Canexia Health for better, more informed treatment decisions.

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If you think Canexia’s insights might be appropriate for you, please talk to your oncologist—they are in the best position to determine what’s right for you. Your oncologist can contact us for more information about our services.

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