Superior Performance, Reliable Results

Detect known and novel fusions with Fusions, a partner-agnostic FFPE RNA-based multiplex amplicon assay.

Imagia Canexia Health’s Fusions panel is designed to target a set of 17 genes and 59 exons that are key in diagnosis, prognosis, and approved therapeutic options in solid adult tumors.

ALK2, 10, 16-22
BRAF2, 6-12,15,19
EGFR1-3, 7-9,11, 13,16, 20-21, 24-25, 27, 8, 23
FGFR11-10, 14,17
FGFR22, 8-10,13, 16-17
FGFR32-4, 8-10, 16-18
MET2-6, 13-17, 21
NRG11, 1-8
NTRK12, 7-13
NTRK37, 12-18
RAF12, 8-10
RET2-4, 7-13
Turnaround time3 to 5 days
Reproducibility100% (same input replicates), 91.67% (including replicates with different input


Actionable Results

A targeted set of 17 genes and 59 exons that are key in diagnosis, prognosis, and approved therapeutic options in solid adult tumors.

Rapid Turnaround Time

A simple laboratory workflow that provides rapid, reliable, results.

Comprehensive Reports

Review detailed interpretations, current treatment options, and available clinical trials.


Targeted amplicon-based technology provides an economical alternative to single-gene testing or hybrid capture NGS assays.

Conserve Biopsy Tissue

Imagia Canexia Health Fusions assay allows for simultaneous hotspot testing, reducing the amount of biopsy tissue required, when compared to single-gene testing.


All Imagia Canexia Health assays and software are developed in our CLIA, CAP, CDPH and DAP accredited laboratory.

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