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Plasma Follow It®

Imagia Canexia Health’s Follow It panel detects mutations in plasma. Plasma profiling (a type of liquid biopsy) can be used to help tailor treatment, monitor cancer progression, or detect treatment resistance.

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Imagia Canexia Health’s Find It & Fusions panels detect mutations and gene fusion events in solid tumor tissue. Tissue profiling can be used to help inform treatment decisions or predict progression of cancer based on somatic mutations found in the tumor.

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Imagia Canexia Health Insights Platform

Our comprehensive, secure, informatics and reporting platform delivers automated detailed results, therapeutic recommendations, and expertly curated clinical trials. Our platform, your insights for more informed treatment decisions.

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Access Canexia Health’s full stack of bioinformatics, reporting, and quality assurance tools, right from the cloud.

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March 2, 2021

Assessing the Real World Accuracy of ctDNA Diagnostics

Canexia Health’s Chief Scientific Officer writes about the importance of combining different approaches to obtain correct results for ctDNA diagnostics. While high sensitivity is important, it must be contextualized with other key measurements.

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